Youth Convention STL Challenge

We are in our sixth year of the “Youth Convention STL Challenge” at the Friday afternoon missions session at MYC15.  The dream is that together we can receive Minnesota’s largest STL offering ever on November 18th as we celebrate what God can do through us in “One Night”.

One Night is the final service of a 5-week series highlighting stories of individuals in the Bible who gave of themselves. It will be supplemented with videos from each of our speakers sharing about some of the Speed the Light projects we are supporting.

There are a number of resources available to you to supplement your Wednesday nights leading up to “One Night” on November 18th.  Below you will find links to Scotty Gibbon’s “Overflow” resources, and messages by MN youth pastors to follow up MYC from 2009-2015.


“One Night”

“Live Dead”


“Overflow Experience”






“Real Giving” (NYDAG)