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Minnesota Student Ministries, in conjunction with the Center for Youth and Leadership at North Central University, have joined forces to create a mentoring project called “Inspire”. This project will match a highly qualified facilitator with a Cohort of youth pastors. The composition of Cohorts will be made up of one facilitator and four to six youth pastors from churches that have similar demographics. Each Cohort will meet 6-8 times per year for:

Skill Sharpening
Personal, Spiritual, Ministry Development
Targeted Training for Conflict Management, Integrating Ministry Philosophy within the Whole Church Paradigm, and Personal and Ministry Budget Building

Brenna Zeimet serves as the lead person coordinating this effort. Participation will require consideration of the following:

You will need to commit to attend mandatory Inspire Cohort Meetings 6-8 times per year.  Meetings will be in a centrally located sight, especially accessible for the facilitator, with the location of Youth Pastors also taken into consideration.
Your church will be asked to provide financial support from your Church Budget
$199 Tuition includes books, limited meals, & leaders expenses

Also, again this year, we are starting a second year of the Inspire journey for youth pastors who have already been through the first year, or who have been in youth ministry for many years. The second year will go more in depth on issues encountered further down the road in ministry like developing your leaders, discipling your students, creating a culture in your ministry, transition/position change, and changes in ministry approach as your group grows or as you graduate large parts of your group. The second year will retain all of the relational and networking benefits enjoyed in the first year’s journey, as well as incorporate guest speakers to help explore topics deeper for more targeted growth.

We will launch this session on January 19th, 2017 and applications will be due one week prior to that on January 12th, 2017. For full details and description of Inspire download the Youth Pastor Letter or the Lead Pastor Inspire Letter.

Download the 2017 Inspire Application here!