Picture yourself camping in the woods on a cloudy night and your sole source of light is a Coleman lamp on a picnic table.  The further you venture away from the lamp, the less you are able to see.  If you intend to leave the campsite, the only way to know where you are going is to hang on to the light.

The future is dark and unknown and is only illuminated by staying close to the source of light and knowledge.  God’s Word is described as a “lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

It’s not about the path; it’s the light.  To invest in your future, you must invest in the Word.

29plans is divided into four actions… Read, Listen, Pray, and Obey.  Each is unique but united by the theme of the Scripture.  It works like this:

  • R = Read. We are focusing each day on a chapter from Romans and James.
  • L = Listen. The suggested song is tied to the reading.  Support the artist by buying the track, use Spotify/YouTube to listen to it, or just use your own song.  Start your time with God by listening to a song that glorifies Him and accentuates your reading.  You can find a full Spotify playlist at spoti.fi/14PB7t5 
  • P = Pray. There’s a suggested prayer focus related to the day’s theme. Focus rotates between personal growth, the lost/hurting, friends, family, your world and your community in a weekly cycle.
  • O = Obey. Our response to the day’s theme and reading. It rotates between journaling, a call to action, self reflection, and memorizing one verse a week.

Remember to download the 29plans on your iPhone or Android device. You can also follow along with 29plans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well. Try your best to spend time with God each of the next 21 days.  You can do it!  Even if you miss a day, don’t worry about it… just pick it back up with the next day.  It’s not about quantity; it’s about quality.  We’re believing for a lifetime hunger for God’s Word.