Youth Convention STL Challenge

What is the “Youth Convention STL Challenge”?

Our dream is that one time each year student ministries from around the state would work together to take part in giving Minnesota’s largest Speed The Light (STL) offering. For the past 8 years we have launched this dream at the Friday afternoon session of Minnesota Youth Convention (MYC). Each year our Friday afternoon session is focused on missions, and each year MYC attendees come together to kick off the giving season with an initial STL offering. At the end of the session they are encouraged to set a STL giving goal for the month. Then, 4 weeks later 50+ student ministries from around the state take a collective offering, each at their own location, and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and miracles it took to reach the goals set at MYC.

What do the theme resources include?

Each year, along with a team of youth pastors and creators, we work hard to develop a theme for MYC. This theme is carried through from the very beginning of MYC to the end of the STL Challenge, with the final night being the Minnesota state-wide offering. The theme resources include promotional videos, promotional materials, a giving envelope, and a theme t-shirt. Additionally, we create a 4 or 5-week sermon series highlighting various biblical themes, missional living, and living generously. All of the messages in the series also relate to the MYC theme of the year.

Why participate in the STL Challenge?

There is something special that happens when we unite our students, leaders, pastors, and ministries all across the state of Minnesota around one goal. When we are united as a movement God is glorified in our unity. Students are encouraged to see that they are a part of a missional movement. Our ministry is improved throughout the state from camaraderie amongst our pastors. Our leaders are energized to lead the charge knowing that they are not alone in setting offering goals and working hard to reach them. Ultimately, working together propels us all farther than we could hope to go alone. Let’s work together to give more to missions than ever before!





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