Gimmie 5ive

Gimmie 5ive

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Youth workers have felt needs and real needs. The felt needs are often things like a new game for this week’s youth group, a crash course in counseling for an upcoming conversation, or a dozen more youth workers. The real needs are a discipleship process, a biblically informed approach to youth ministry and a robust theological foundation. You can’t deal with the real needs by only addressing the felt needs, but you can’t stay in youth ministry long enough to wrestle with the real needs unless you get some tools and resources to help with the felt needs. Felt needs is what this book is about.

The idea behind this resource is quite simple. A team of youth workers helped identify 50 tasks or aspects in youth ministry that would qualify as felt needs. These 50 lists were then broken down into seven different categories. Finally these same youth workers brainstormed and came up with 5 tips/suggestions/ideas for each top ten list. And yes, we know. Five doesn’t equal ten. That is where you and your team come in. You are the experts on your setting and we wanted you to add your voice to the conversation. Gather as a team and go through a list, talk about it, and then add 5 insights of your own to complete the list.One disclaimer: Always default and submit to what your church leadership and church policies require. None of these suggestions trumps that.

We hope that Gimme Five helps you navigate some difficult tasks and think through some important questions. And we hope that addressing the felt needs enables you and your team to create a place where the real need of teenagers can be met—the need to hear and be changed by the gospel. Thanks for what you do.

Gimme 5ive Booklet

This resource is provided by New York DYD David Hertweck, along with a team of New York youth pastors.