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Minnesota Student Ministries, in conjunction with the Center for Youth and Leadership at North Central University, has implemented a mentoring project called Inspire. This project matches a highly qualified facilitator with a cohort of four to six youth pastors from churches with similar demographics. Each cohort will meet 5-6 times from February-June to work through the following items:

Skill Sharpening

Personal, Spiritual, & Ministry Development

Targeted training in Conflict Management, Integrating Ministry Philosophy Within the Whole Church Paradigm, and Personal & Ministry Budget Building


Brenna Zeimet will serve as the Inspire coordinator, and cohort facilitators will include a skilled team of veteran youth pastors with multiple years of ministry experience. Participation will require consideration of the following:

You will need to commit to attend mandatory Inspire cohort meetings 5-6 times from February to June as scheduled by each individual cohort

Groups will complete group check-ins once a week that will require your participation

Your church will be asked to provide financial support from your church budget: $199 Tuition – Includes books, limited meals, & leaders’ expenses

Second Year Inspire

We are also offering a 2nd Year Inspire Program for youth pastors who benefitted from the first year and wish to continue growing with a cohort. As you know, the issues pastors encounter and the training we need changes as we get further down the road in ministry.

The second year of Inspire is designed to meet these new challenges by providing deeper and more focused training in various areas:

Building and mentoring a team

Reaching your city and your school

Discipling students

Leadership and programming shifts as the group grows/rebuilding after graduating a large class

Balancing family and ministry

We will incorporate guest speakers and in-depth discussion to help bring experienced youth pastors to the next level, while still encouraging the relational and networking aspects that make the first year of Inspire so impactful.

Application Registration Information

Important Dates

Application Due Date: January 14, 2019

Launch Date: January 25, 2019

To Apply

Online Application & Payment: NEW this year, register online here

Paper Application & Payment: Download, print, and mail a paper application

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Youth Pastor Inspire Letter

Lead Pastor Inspire Letter