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Speed the Light (STL) engages and equips the church to proclaim the gospel through the generosity of students and adults.

Embedded in the DNA of the Assemblies of God (AG) is a clear focus on ensuring students understand the priority of preaching the gospel, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to the ends of the earth. STL was born out of the desire of our leaders to make sure that youth ministry in the AG stayed on mission. Technology and culture may change, but God’s desire to engage students in global missions and evangelism has not.

Through STL students learn the importance of a gospel-centered, spirit-empowered, and personally responsible way of life. The three main principles of STL are essential transportation, creative communication, and compassionate demonstration. Over the past 75 years STL has given hundreds of millions of dollar to various projects that represent those principles.

In 2015 Minnesota Youth gave $1,004,094.46 and became the first group of students to break the $1 million barrier in STL yearly giving! Each year since then students from around the state have continued to increase their giving. It is an exciting time for youth groups all around the state who continue to work together to accomplish this goal…we could never do it without each group working hard and trusting God for financial miracles.

The funds we raise through Minnesota STL are allocated to the following ministries highlighted below:

Speed the Light partners with various missions organizations including:


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…Assemblies of God World Missionaries to provide equipment for transportation and creative communication of the Gospel throughout the world.

…Project Rescue and F.R.E.E. International to help rescue and rehabilitate people who have been saved out of human trafficking in the US and around the world.

…Worldserve International to strategically provide clean water near churches for multiple villages in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

…Convoy of Hope to provide world-wide disaster relief in the wake of tornadoes, floods, and much more.

…LIVE | DEAD Arab World to plant churches amongst unreached people groups in 33 gateway cities throughout the Middle East.

How to Donate to STL 

Mail your offering directly to the National STL office in Springfield at: Speed the Light – 1445 Boonville Ave – Springfield, MO 65802.

In the memo line write “Minnesota District – STL.”


Current Projects

Our current projects include all of the ministries listed above. Church sponsorship of projects is a great way to help promote STL. It provides a connection that everyone can see. In considering sponsoring a project, churches may commit to a portion of a project or even commit to one project that their goal exceeds. The object is to provide as many churches as possible an opportunity to sponsor projects they feel will connect well at their church.

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